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What others have said about Donna and her writing:

"Just read your open letter: It's great, really terrific.  And I notice you got A LOT OF mail in the mailbag, so you connected with a lot of people, and for good reason. Congratulations."

Steven Day, www.LastChanceDemocracyCafe.com

From the BuzzFlash.com Mailbag:

Subject: Donna Wade

Ms. Wade,

In your reader contribution piece of July 19, your succinct analysis and subsequent admonitions to our reckless and arrogant congress people were and are completely right on. We should all copy your contributor's piece and send it on to our own representatives immediately. I just did to mine. As one of so many who see through the political sham that we call our government, I echo your words, "Shame On You," and hope it strikes some long lost chord in the psyche of these fat cat "people's Representatives" and helps move this country back to where it belongs ... "Of the people, by the people and for the people." Thank you so much for your patriotism and bravery.

Richard Wagner, Saginaw, Michigan

Subject: Donna Wade's Reader Contribution

I was blown away by the insights, power and common sense of Donna Wade's letter. I agree with every word of it. Donna is right: our country is in trouble. BIG trouble. She identified the causes much better than I have in previous letters. But I knew (even before her Reader Contribution was published) that WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

Thanks to Donna -- and to Buzz for having the smarts to publish her Reader Contribution.

Barb in Athens, GA
Blue soul in Red state

"What you just wrote to me should be on the front pages of every newspaper in America, and around the world."

"You write with such passion.  That is what we need to get people to listen--stuff from the heart.
 You are getting passed along to about 2000 lawyers from Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer's College."
Gary Wenkle Smith, Attorney at Law, www.GaryWenkleSmith4thedefense.com
"As I have told you before, you have great skills. You are a wonderful writer. You have great organizational abilities. Certainly since you have a
law enforcement background and have been working with cops for twenty years, it would be a natural for you to offer those skills in that arena.
Your professional and common sense approach, at least with the LAPD, made it possible for you to accomplish more than many of your
predecessors even envisioned. You have been a cop and a businesswoman, and that lends balance to your perspective and credibility
to your efforts."                                      
Robert Taylor, Commander, Los Angeles Police Department (retired)
Director, Los Angeles County Probation Department
"Well I must say that you are quite skilled with the pen! Your article (Don't Judge the LAPD by a Few Bad Individuals) was well thought out and I
agreed with 99.9 percent of it. The portion that I took issue with didn't amount to much. Donna, the article was great. THANKS."                                
Maurice Moore, Deputy Chief (retired), Los Angeles Police Department

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