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In these days of corporate downsizing, budget cutbacks, outsourcing and revenue shortfalls, the first departments to be cut are often corporate communications and other creative areas. That does not mean, however, that the need for such services diminishes simply because there are no in-house personnel to provide them.

More and more corporations and municipal agencies are outsourcing these projects to freelancers for a variety of reasons. Utilizing freelancers allows companies to meet their in-house and external communications needs without the attendant costs of a full-time employee, such as healthcare benefits, sick leave, pensions, payroll taxes, and workers' compensation.

Donna J. Wade has been involved in all phases of the print communications field for over three decades, working with corporations and small businesses to help them achieve their public relations, advertising, and in-house communication goals. Her background in printing and graphic design enable her to provide her clients with not only quality writing, but coordination of the entire project, from concept development and design through completion of the finished printed piece.

In her 30+ years in the printing industry, Donna has scripted and designed hundreds of product/informational brochures, press releases, marketing campaigns, and business proposals for small business concerns. As a community activist, she also coordinated production of fundraising materials and monthly newsletters for numerous non-profit organizations. As a Specialist Reserve Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, she assisted the Officer in Charge of the LAPD's Employee Assistance Unit in writing in-house departmental brochures detailing that unit's many services available for employees.

Her articles and op-ed pieces regarding law enforcement and other social/political issues have been published in major newspapers and national publications, including the widely-respected FBI Law Enforcement Training Bulletin.

So, whether your communication needs are corporate, internet-based, small business, or public relations campaigns for municipal agencies or charitable non-profits, Donna has the expertise necessary to help you reach your target market. Her excellent research skills allow her to delve into any topic to develop training programs or informational brochures on any subject; her graphic/web design background allows her to translate this information graphically into esthetically pleasing, high-impact, effective materials in whatever format you require.

When you need creative services, but don't have the time or in-house personnel to meet this need, look no further! Contact your very own "virtual" creative department, Donna J. Wade, for fast, free estimates on your next project. She'll make you look and sound great, whether on paper or the world wide web!


Donna J. Wade
Freelance Commercial Writer
Graphic Designer / Print Media Consultant

Phone: (909) 338-9778
Email: donnajwade@gmail.com

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